Supermarket Items That Sell Out Quickley in a Crisis


Top Five Groceries Items You Have To Have

We are starting today with the top five grocery items that
you can’t keep putting off.

These are the items that sell out instantly in a crisis,
and if you wait until you know that a crisis is coming,
chances are that you will find the shelves bare.

Remember, though, that these items alone will not get you
through every emergency situation. They are simply the
items people who do not prep will desperately want.

They are also items that you can forego in certain
situations, if you decide to prepare differently. We will
talk a little bit about that too.

Even if you ultimately decide to do things differently,
understanding this list will make you a better prepper
because you will better understand your needs.

Let’s get started!

1. Bottled water

Most people can survive for three weeks without food. But
go for three days without water and you’ll be, generally
speaking, dead.

In our day-to-day lives, we don’t often have to stop and
consider water. It’s just there in the tap, all day every
day. It’s cheap, and it is abundant. Not to mention it’s

It doesn’t take much for the water supply of an entire
city to spoil, however.

A flash flood or a hurricane can drive all sorts of
impurities into the water, and there’s no telling the
catastrophic chemical damage an industrial accident could

Did you know that the World Health Organization recommends
5 gallons of water per day per person? If it’s shocking
to read now, just imagine only learning this when the
supply runs dry!

That is just for drinking and the very most basic hygiene.
If you hope to cook food, wash yourself more thoroughly,
or do laundry, that number multiplies.

That is why water is the first thing that supermarkets run
out of when shit hits the fan. And that is why you need to
keep a significant supply of water.

It doesn’t have to be the pre-bottled stuff. If you prefer
to buy food-grade containers and fill them with your own
water, that works just as well. But you will need water
and plenty of it.

2. Canned foods

Upon hearing warnings about impeding doom, most people
will immediately think of canned foods. Why?

While it is quite possible to prep without any canned
foods at all, for example using only dried foods or army
rations, most preppers like to stock canned food.

Canned food is brilliant for survival. It has a very long
shelf-life, is easy to store, and can be eaten cold and
uncooked if need be.

It is also possible to store canned foods without
subjecting your family to the toxic coatings found inside
these metal canisters, but it is more work.

To avoid those toxins, you would have to buy food canned
in glass or to can food yourself.

Remember that even canned food has an expiration date, and
be sure to buy things that your family is willing to eat.
Ten containers of corned beef hash will do you no good if
you can’t stand the stuff!

3. No-prep-necessary dry foods

In those relatively short-term emergencies, in particular
those deriving from extreme weather, dry ready-to-eat
foodstuffs disappear from the supermarket shelves in no

Foods in this category would at any other time just be
considered snacks. In a crisis, however, they get promoted
to a full meal since they require no cooking or special
storage, such as a refrigerator.

This includes biscuits, crisp bread, dried nuts, rusks,
crackers, muesli bars, trail mix and shortbread.

You may also include in this category those vacuum-packed
cakes and muffins which have hardly a natural ingredient
in them yet an astonishing shelf-life.

The reason that people run out and buy this is because
they aren’t preppers. When unfortunate things happen, they
don’t have the tools to cook or heat food.

You, on the other hand, are a prepper. You do not strictly
speaking need to survive on potato chips and the kind of
“blueberry” muffins without a single blueberry in them.

If you want to, though, go ahead and stock up on some of
these things anyway. Little snacks go a long way toward
raising spirits and providing an energy boost.

And maybe the emergency situation will be such that you
are just too tired to eat anything else.

* Bread

Bread and all of its relatives, from humble hamburger buns
to fancy croissants, are quick to sell out for the same
reason that dry ready-to-eat snacks are.

Although its shelf-life is often quite short, bread needs
no preparation and offers a lot of energy. White bread in
particular doesn’t provide much in the way of nutrients,
but that doesn’t matter much in a crisis.

Bread is great if you have no other food storage and no
way of preparing food, but the average prepper won’t need
to run out and buy bread.

And given its short shelf-life, there is no real reason to
stock bread either.

* Beer

Given that it is essentially liquid bread, it is quite
appropriate that beer flies off the shelves in any

Beer contains plenty of calories, making it very easy to
stock up on energy by drinking a few bottles.

On the other hand, alcohol makes you drowsy so if you
were hoping to actually feel more energized, you had
better stick to light beer.

The real reason that people stock beer in a crisis
probably has more to do with comfort than calories. If
that’s something you sympathize with, by all means stock

Even if you don’t drink much beer yourself, beer is
excellent for bartering with your neighbors for other
valuable goods.

Now that you know what you’ll need to buy to keep your
belly full in an empty-shelves situation, in the next
newsletter we’ll look at the strategies you can use to
prep efficiently, cheaply and quickly.

Don’t forget to watch that critical video, where you’ll
discover more items that sell out immediately following
any crisis:


Shop wisely,