Shipping Containers for a Home

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Shipping Containers for the Homestead

There are lots of ideas out there on how to build an inexpensive home for your Off grid Homestead.  Using this method of using shipping containers and a combination of shipping containers and a recreation vehicle and or some building construction has been utilized and has been quite successful.
Shipping containers are in abundance of surplus and you can purchase one starting around $2000. From there it is just up-to your imagination and build an awesome home or a get away cottage like structure on your existing property.

Innovative ideas like this are getting more popular as people are seeking alternate ways to live whether it is to live the Homestead lifestyle for sustainability or a Survival Homestead. If you are interested in this type of home you can also checkout a website called Zigloo they have multiple plans and ideas for making structures out of shipping containers and more.

If you decide to go this route of utilizing shipping containers you will want to research this quite a bit before diving in. There can be unique issues with living in a metal box for example:  Heat, cold, and condensation.  If you really are considering living in a shipping container you will be doing yourself a favor to research on the topic of micro homes to decide if  you can potentially live in a smaller type of environment.

Check out this video for more information…


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