Your Plan B Survival Plan

Plan Your Retreat

You have decided to start an emergency survival plan just in case that time comes. In your plan you are considering to go at it big time and have your own off grid homestead, to either live on or have it as a place to retreat to. Pretty big decision yes but one that will be well worth it.

Preparing for a  disaster is a never ending process, learning all there is about survival you now know that you will need to have a survival plan B; this survival plan B maybe include living on a homestead, or to live off grid. This choice will take time to accomplish but well worth it in the end. The best way to go about this is to do it in small steps, you really need to plan out just what you want to do and try to have a vision on what the outcome will be. You will then need to re-evaluate your emergency survival plan situation on a regular basis. A few of the items to consider; do you want to have some land in an area with like minded people or go it alone? Purchasing the land is important, the area selection, does it have running water, good soil, trees, good sunlight, . There will be lots of planning on the type of building and the type of energy sources you will require there will be some MUST HAVES: water, method of electricity,  food storage, possible livestock and chickens, and a method to defend yourself etc. There will certainly be lots of work but well worth it in the end. Then if it is just not for you there are lots of people looking to do the same you might have an easy sell, then move on to another emergency survival plan.

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