Living Off Grid What Is It?

Is Off Grid And Survival Homesteading The Same?

For those people that are establishing their own Survival Homestead can pickup information and ideas from those individuals that intend to live “Off Grid” Living “Off-Grip” is rapidly becoming a popular choice to those people wanting to decrease their carbon footprint, affirm their independence and move away from their dependence on fossil fuels. Having this kind of lifestyle should be a very helpful if you want to cut off your monthly bills and at the same time be be easier on the environment. This way of life is very similar to those people that want to set-up a survival homestead. The principles are the same, you want to have a method to survive, and have water, food, power and shelter, while being having a safe enviroment for you and your family.

What Is The Grid?

“The Grid” is the common term used for power grid. This is the connected system which designates electricity to the accumulations. An average house is linked to natural gas, telephone, water and power lines. Choosing to go off the grid should mean that you will turn away from those public utilities in support of producing your very own energy.

There are those homeowners/people who decide to be off the grid partially through producing their own energy, and getting rid of their phone lines, while depending on the comfort offered by the city sewage and water. Other people choose to live completely off the grid through digging wells or making use of some cistern system in order to fetch water. A functional septic tank will take care of the sewage, which means you will no longer need to incur any water bills.

This is what you can expect from living off the grid. It is a method that will enable you from changing your way of living and avoid you from having to pay bills month. Therefore, if you want to learn and understand how this living method will be able to change your life for the better, and how this living Off Grid will help you prepare your survival homestead then please stay with us for more articles.

Watch This Living The Dream Off Grid

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