DIY Solar Powered Food Dehydrator

Solar Powered Food Dehydrator

Do you happen to live in where the weather conditions are quite hot, sunny and have low humidity? If so then you are in a really good position to build your own Solar Powered Food Dehydrator that can collect a sufficient amount of solar heat quickly which can quickly reach 120F or even hotter, this is great for what you will need to dehydrate your food.

Building your own Solar Powered Food Dehydrator is a great way to preserve various foods for later on, you can use them as snacks; add to various meals for flavoring, or use as condiments, or whatever you can think up. This is a fairly easy step by step tutorial which will show you how to build your own solar food dehydrator which uses the sun’s powerful rays to remove moisture from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even flowers. These thinly sliced fruits and vegetables are evenly and generously spaced apart will shrink over a period of hours upon removing them from their trays.

The best part is that all the materials you need to build this simple Solar Powered Food Dehydrator do it yourself project can be found at your local home improvement store, or from materials you have around the house, and it does not really cost that much.

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