How to Defend Your Home in a Disaster Situation

What to do to Defend Yourself and Homestead

When a Disaster situation happens, it’s highly likely that at some point, you’re going to have to know what to do to protect yourself and those you care about. Whenever there’s chaos in an area, those who intent on doing harm to others will look to find someone to target. They will want to steal your possessions from you, take your money – and in some cases, cause you and or your family physical harm. For the sake of yourself and those you care about, you need to defiantly be prepared.

One way that you can be prepared is by having the right weapons to defend yourself, your family, and home. Remember that the closer someone is near to you and able to grab you or a family member the higher the stakes become. A person intent on causing bodily harm will not care what he (or she) has to do to defeat you or get you out of their way, so you will want to defuse the situation as soon as possible, which means before it may happen.

This is why sometimes you will need to have guns in the home. Hopefully most times you will not even have to use them in order to scare people off who intend to rob you or harm you. In many cases, all it takes is for that person to see that you have a gun and particularly the self-confidence and they will chose a different path and run off.

You will need a gun that’s capable of long range shooting, such as a rifle, and for short range a shot gun, or a pistol. When there’s a disaster situation going on in your area, you should keep your gun on you at all times. More important keep your wits about you. Use you first weapon of choice your brain.

Besides a gun, you could also benefit from having a knife as a weapon. You can keep these on you for hand to hand combat, and a knife can quickly convince your opponent to leave you alone. Keep in mind though that you need to train with it, statistics have shown that people that do not know how to defend themselves properly especially with a weapon will have that weapon taken off them and used against them. When using a weapon most people rely on that weapon, you still have your brain, your other hand, knees, elbows, feet, etc. to defend yourself use them all, do not just depend on that knife or baseball bat. I personally prefer just my hands (mostly using my brain) to defend myself.

Sometimes, though, the best course of action is to run or hide if you are facing too many opponents. Two to one or three to one are terrible odds and you could get seriously injured or even killed. So if you do not feel that your chances of surviving a disaster situation is in your favor, then hide and remain hidden until the threat has passed. Teach all your family members to do the same. There is definitely no shame from hiding from a fight that will not come out in your favor.

You will want to know how to defend yourself physically if you do not have access to a weapon. Plus, sometimes, having self-defense skills may be the only weapon that you will need. Like I have said the main skill you have is the use of your brain, use it to its potential.

When you have the right knowledge and strength, you can use that to your advantage in a survival situation. The reason to have the knowledge of martial arts is so that you will have the skills and knowledge to give you the edge in the event that you can’t get to your weapon or that you are outnumbered.

Martial arts can even the playing field when you are up against more than one opponent and getting a weapon or hiding is not an option. You can learn the skills of martial arts by taking classes that teach karate, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Tae kwon do and more, really take the time to educate yourself on the martial arts, there are clubs that only train in the traditional aspects, (nothing wrong with this there are amazing martial artists that can comes out of this) but you will need a club that has everything from distance fighting such as kicking distance, to closer such as boxing, to infighting, then ground fighting. You will want to be all rounded. Again your best defense and offence is to utilize your brain.

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