Break Free With Your Own Homestead

You Can Still Start A Homestead Today

Homesteading is once again gaining some real popularity in North America, United Kingdom, and Australia. Homesteading goes by several names; farming, off-grid, simple living, self-sufficient life, independent living, back-to-basics, and more. But homesteading what is it really? Homesteading has come to mean today any home that practices the same skills found on those early homesteads such as growing food, keeping livestock, canning, drying and preserving food, and producing basic furniture and clothing at home. Many times you will hear someone describe the way they live as “simple” or “basic” and what they are really talking about is homesteading. What you may think of as the typical small family farm is the most common usage of the word homestead today.

Homesteading these days you are very unlikely to find free property. There are no national programs that provide land in exchange for developing it anymore. The programs that do exist are local, and tend to be in remote areas of the country such as Alaska. You will most likely have to purchase your homestead property, and may mean you will have to have a mortgage to do so. Even if you are able to acquire the land and build on it mortgage-free, there will still be the property taxes to look after. So these days as compared to the pioneer days homesteading today will require more money to keep it going.

Therefore today’s homestead you will need a plan to support yourself to have some income coming in, with a work from home business, or some employment off the homestead. Or it is possible to run your homestead as a mini farm you can raise vegetable crops, livestock, and chickens to help feed yourself and with a surplus that you can sell.

So you can see that homesteading is still happening and gaining popularity, but there is just not any free land anymore. This may mean you will have to earn some extra money to make a go of it. The benefits of having and living on your own homestead for whatever your reasons will be well worth it in the end.

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