10 Ways to Attack Proof Your Home

• Padlock the Garage Door. Garage doors are fairly easy to break through, especially aluminum. The lock can easily be broken out, allowing the locking bars to be manually operated. By putting a bike lock or a gun lock through the holes in the track, right above one of the wheels, you prevent them from lifting the door, even if they get the lock out.
• Plant Hedges. A ten-foot tall cement wall in front of your house may help protect it, but it would be a bit obvious. Anyone who saw it would wonder what you had inside the house to warrant that level of security. However, a hedge of thorny bushes is almost as effective a barrier and looks better too. Any intruders will avoid the hedge and try to climb over your gate instead. While that might not keep them out, it at least puts them right in front of your door, where it is easy for you to confront them.
• Automated lights. Lights strategically placed around your house triggered to go off with motion sensors will help to deter an intruder that does not want to be seen.
Security Systems. There are all kinds of security systems out there unfortunately they are only activated after the intruder is in the home. You will want a security system that activates and warns you before they make it into your home. Security items such as pressure plates at the bottom of your driveway and walkways, plus put outside doors and windows will give you the extra time to be prepared. Especially if it is tied into an audible alarm.

The Bottom Line

To effectively attack proof your house and home, you need to stop thinking about keeping out that cat burglar and begin to consider how to fight off an angry intruder. A burglar will most likely do everything they can to get in and out without attracting any attention, whereas a gang of starving individuals will not care about attracting any attention. They will act and attack in ways a cat burglar would never think about attempting.
With that in mind, secure your home by making it hard enough to break into to help discourage them and to give you the time you need to prepare and to respond. Even a minute will certainly give you adequate time to get your firearms and prepare to push back the intruders. You will be able to discourage them much more successfully than your locked door as soon as you are all set to react.


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